Thursday, June 05, 2008

Top 11 Thing I Learned......

In doing some research on a project, I have run across a great blog, Product Management Tips By Gopal Shenoy.

One of his posts from close to a year ago was entitled: "Top 11 things I learnt at Solidworks in the last 11 years!" It is a good post, I have included the major bullet items below, but read his blog, you will get a fuller appreciation for the 11 important points.
  • Hiring is the most important thing you will do at work and always hire people smarter than you.
  • A manager’s success is all about making his/her reports successful in what they do.
  • You cannot move up in the company unless you train your replacement.
  • It is all about “relationships” and not “products."
  • Only viewpoint that matters is that of the customer.
  • There is a big difference between products that customers will “buy” vs. products customers “like.”
  • Be “market driven” and not be “marketing driven.”
  • Have technical and business arguments with colleagues as long as none of it turns personal.
  • Have meetings before the meeting.
  • Trying and failing is a lot better than failing to try.
  • Execution is the key to being successful.

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