Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year and Goals

I've taken a brief holiday from posting, now am back in full force---partly a reflection of goals I have set for myself, the business, and this blog. Getting started in the New Year had me reflect on setting goals--somehow on January 1, we call them resolutions, the rest of the year they are goals. I am constantly amazed at how casually most people treat goals--particularly those they set for themselves.

Rather than repeat what lot of well thought out recommendations and observations, I thought it more useful to point you to some good blog posts on the topic.

Seth Godin has a nice, brief post on goals:
The Thing About Goals. It's a fast read and makes a point about people who get things done: All have goals.

Over at the
Power Of Less blog, by Leo Babauta, he offers great tips to help each of us achieve our goals. I've become a great fan of his blog and the Power Of Less offers great reminders and insight.

At Gill Corkindale's Harvard Business Review blog, he offers a great tip:
Schedule Regular Meetings With Yourself.

Goals are important. I've established mine, I'll be talking about them in later posts.

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