Sunday, February 17, 2008

In Praise Of The Checklist

Fast Company has an interesting short article, Heroic Checklist, that is a worthwhile read. I'm a tremendous fan of checklists, though in our consulting practice we find too many people resist them as either too structured or too simplistic.
Checklists are great, there greatness lies in their simplicity:
  • They help keep us disiciplined and focused.
  • They make sure, that in the rush of everyday activity, we don't overlook critical items/activities.
  • They free us up to identify and focus on the most critical issues.
  • They help us be more effective.
  • They free us up to be more creative and innovative.
  • They help us produce results.
Use checklists, keep them short and simple. They make a difference. They help us be more productive and effective.

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