Friday, March 07, 2008

Visible Leadership Every Day

Wally Bock had a great posting in his Three Star Leadership Blog yesterday. Incorporating habits into what you do everyday is critical to developing the organization. Some highlights:
  • Everyday, you need to make your expectations clear.
  • Everyday, you need to check for understanding.
  • Everyday, you need to use every contact and an opportunity to improve team performance and morale.
  • Coach team members.
  • Encourage good behavior and honest effort.
  • Correct what needs correcting.
  • Counsel those who need it.
  • Everyday, you need to do the hard work of weeding out the unfit and the unwilling.
Great thoughts, tough to practice, but they make the difference between managing and leading.

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Wally Bock said...

Thanks for those kind words, Dave.