Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Keeping Priorities Straight

Reading the New York Times article: Keeping Priorities Straight, Even At The End , I was reminded about the related story I read last Fall. I am inspired by the courage, perspecitve and humor of Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon. Dr. Pausch is dying of Pancreatic Cancer. Last September, he delivered is "final lecture" on Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams. I've watched the lecture and read the transcript. It is inspirational. It's not a lecture about cancer or dying, it's a lecture about living a full life.

It's a fun and genuinely interesting talk, certainly worthwhile reading/watching. The links are above.

The New York Times article reminded me of the lecture, also it announces Dr. Pausch's book. If it is anywhere as moving as his lecture, it is likely to be a worthwhile read. I have it on order and encourage others to do so.

If you're having a tough day and want to get your head above the weeds, take the time to read/watch the lecture. It helps clear your mind and put things in proper perspective.

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